Legal Client Service Review

We’ve been working with Magoo and Associates since 2017. Having been a computer service consumer in the legal practice world since 1976 (see below), I’ve probably worked with well over a dozen different computer service consultant/advisors. Our office system evolved in very complex ways over the last 20 years, reflecting our multi-state, multi-location law practice, operating on a very small scale (never more than four (4) lawyers) and 14 team members. When we discovered Magoo, our jerry-rigged system was complicated and a pain to maintain.

Since working with them, our situation is stabilized. The constant disruptions wasted staff time, and the juggling of multiple vendors are essentially gone. Magoo took over all our hardware needs and most of our software issues, including much of our dealing with software and cloud vendors. And they’ve been particularly supportive of those of us who need to work off-site.

In fact, this stability has allowed us to undertake the first top-to-bottom reinvention of our primary systems, into a full service integrated legal practice management approach, after having dreamed about that for over 10 years. It looks as though the services we’ll need from Magoo will probably be LESS as a result of this change. In other words, they are committed to doing what is best for OUR BUSINESS, not their own. We’ll probably use them less but continue to depend on them totally.

I can’t say enough about how professional and friendly the company representatives are. They’ve deal with us through many different staff members whose level of understanding of our systems varies a lot. But the staff uniformly reports being treated with patient attention, and in a diligent way. The Magoo team works hard. For us. And we all – our entire team – appreciates them tremendously.

We wholeheartedly endorse the Magoo team.  If a reader of this has any questions, Krista Krabel and I are happy to talk with them.

I have been a lawyer since 1974 and involved in the world of computer services for lawyers since 1976. I’ve seen the evolution from Mag Card typewriters, to Basic programming, to Word Processors (anybody remember Wang?), standalone PCs, Portable computers the size of sewing machines, floppy drives and diskettes, tape cartridges, flash drives, and more.  I’ve seen connectivity changes from sneaker net, through dial-up modems, synching hard drives, and the evolution from centralized storage and processing, to decentralized, back to centralized and the birth of the cloud. 

  • Primary elements of System in place before 2019 Change
    • Microsoft Office programs
    • Timeslips
    • Goldmine
    • Several document assembly systems
    • Cloud integration of 4 lawyers, 3 offices and 11 staff.