Magoo & Associates LLC Announces New CISO

Magoo & Associates LLC Announces New Chief Information Security Officer

Cyber security has always been a concern since the advent of the internet, ARPNET, in the 1970s. Widespread protection began in the 1980’s with the birth of the first commercial antivirus. Since then, securing digital information and assets has increasingly become more complex. Fast forwarding to today, proper cybersecurity protection requires a wholistic approach, encompassing every aspect of your business, including the end user.

Magoo & Associates, LLC has always maintained a security first approach when it comes to managing information systems. By emphasizing a security first approach, we have employed industry leading staff with forensic and cyber investigation backgrounds. Today, we introduce a new member to our team solidifying Magoo as an industry leader in Southern Illinois and Indiana.

Tristan Myers will be assuming the role of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Keeping with our cyber security first approach, Tristan will oversee our security operations center (SOC). As a dedicated CISO, Tristan will oversee all cyber security operations in contrast with our Network Operations Center (NOC). This will allow for greater monitoring, compliance, and oversight as a competing factor.

Tristan comes to us from the Illinois Department of Transportation, has a Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity, he currently is working on his second Master’s Degree in Information Security Engineering, and has worked as a Supervisory IT Specialist for the Department of Defense. He regularly competes in individual and team challenges including NetWars, National Cyber League competitions, and NSA (National Security Agency) Codebreaker Challenge with high rankings.

Tristan is quoted saying, “Cybersecurity is a business risk that all organizations and industries must address, regardless of size or public/private sector. I look forward to helping mitigate this risk while minimizing the threat surface of our partners.”

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