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Getting The Most Out Of Your Managed Services

This is an essential guide to new managed IT service partners. This guide provides a brief explanation on how to take advantage of your new services.

Email Archiving VS Backup

How do you secure your critical email data? Discover the different use cases and benefits of email backup and email archive.

E911 Address Change

Use this form to change your service address to ensure emergency services are able to reach you if 911 is dialed from your phone.

Why You Need A Password Manager

Weak or compromised passwords cause about 80% of successful data breaches. Enforce password protection across your organization with a centralized password manager

Is Your Phone System Holding You Prisoner?

Do you feel like your phone system has you in prison, preventing you from operating your business the way you intend?

Cyber Awareness Training

Cyber security requires a layered approach in protecting your business. Cyber awareness training assist in protecting the human element.

Home & Micro Business Service Plan

We skillfully created a service plan for home and micro businesses, providing critical security and support services.

What Is Structured Cabling?

Magoo specializes in fiber optic, copper, and wireless connections to provide your business a scalable, reliable, and secure network.

What Is Email Archive?

Email archive provides a secure, reliable, and immutable duplicate of every email for fast search and retrieval through any email service.

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