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You get a full time I.T. division at a fraction of the cost compared to building, managing, training, and supervising an internal team.


IT Complete provides your company a dedicated outsourced I.T. division with your best interest in mind. As your I.T. partner, we provide trained staff, honed tools, and a dedication for service rivaled by none.

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Don't waste time and money on IT problems!

In 12 seconds, your staff can speak with a trained, professional, experienced technician who can address their issue without fear of additional charges or fees. Easily submit support requests by phone, email, chat, and text.

If we can’t solve your issue remotely, we will come to your office to address or fix your concern.

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Are you sick and tired of slow equipment that constantly breaks?

Just like your vehicle, your IT equipment requires proactive maintenance to ensure reliability. By constantly maintaining your equipment, they have a longer lifespan, operate faster and keep you and your staff frustration free.

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Does the status of your IT equipment keep you up at night?

We understand IT to a ‘T” and will do more than “inform” you of something requiring attention. Our team will immediately address the issue, and document the progress and outcome. 

We monitor the status of your IT equipment at all times, and provide quarterly updates regarding:

  • The age and status of your hardware
  • Proactive replacement of UPS batteries, software licenses, etc.
  • Cyber security controls
  • More…
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Security is not just a concern for large businesses anymore!

Cyber related threats don’t just affect large corporations anymore. Our team takes cyber security serious with a dedicated team and tools developed to protect your business assets and livelihood. If you have one of the following, you are at risk, and may not even know it.

  • Names, addresses, telephone numbers, & email
  • Financial and banking information
  • Store or access data over the internet
  • Require computers to conduct business

Learn more about cyber security and risk in our blog posts.

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Could your business survive loosing your data?

Fire, flood, ransomware, and theft is just a small list of threats that could hit your data. In today’s environment, the list of threats requires that every business identify critical data, and ensure there is a reliable plan in-place to backup and recover data.

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