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Structured cabling is the physical component of your network, the backbone. You may recognize this by cables and wall jacks that your phone and computer plug into. 

Our on-site team provides structured cabling installation, repairs and modifications for all types of connections with on-site engineers to supervise and design your infrastructure. 

Upgrading or replacing a server?

Migrating or upgrading servers can be a difficult task with licensing, 3rd party vendors, hardware requirements, and ensuring minimal impact to your organization. 

Our migration team can construct a comprehensive plan to migrate your server with ease, while ensuring minimal impact to your organization. 

All great things begin with a plan.

Designing a reliable extended network always begins with a solid plan. Similar to cities planning for houses, roads, and utilities; your network requires similar planning to minimize costly mistakes and countless wasted expenses. 

All network designs take growth and security into consideration. Segmentation is employed to ensure limited effects of virus or intrusion, while great emphasis is placed on IP schemes and backhaul.

Redundancy is incorporated for all critical infrastructure to ensure rapid failover.

New eyes discover unwitnessed issues.

There is a considerable separation between theoretical vs actual. In many cases, vulnerabilities and critical threats go undocumented in most networks.

Discover unknown vulnerabilities, segmentation issues, backhaul constraints, and cyber threats lurking in your network with a comprehensive cybersecurity and network audit. 

We accomplish this through an in-depth internal analysis of both physical and virtual components, and device CVE (Critical Vulnerability Exploits) exposing your corporate infrastructure.

Critical component to any business

Consider someone breaking into your business, an employee taking client information, or a vender leaving a door unlocked. You would want to know about this, right? Now consider how your security alarm would help you in the above instances.

Surveillance (Security Camera) systems are becoming more complex, comprehensive, and network intensive. Selecting the right system for your needs is paramount to ensure your funds are well spent. 

Our team will help you with the right system, expansion capabilities, installation, and maintenance with NO MONTHLY FEES

Do you want to reach the cloud?

Considering moving to the cloud, but you don’t fully understand private or public cloud infrastructure? Are you a regulated business (PCI, HIPAA, etc)? Moving to the cloud requires some consideration and planning.

Speak with a solution engineer to discuss your possibilities to ensure your business information is accessible and secure. Host with another party or through our private cloud infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring and management.

If you are considering a migration, speak with a solution engineer to ensure you are considering all the possibilities and the safety of your data.

Roaming isn't just for your cellular plan.

Wireless internet is often taken for granted. Organizations with large areas understand the difficulty in coverage, control, and continuity. Improper wireless networks have low or absent signal strength, frequent drops in coverage, and the inability to roam flawlessly between access points.

If you have ever experienced loss of data when traveling, you understand the pain. Contact us for a wireless survey to keep you connected and productive.

Do you lose cellular internet or calls while inside?

Today, cellular phone connection may be part of your emergency failover plan, or a necessary convenience. Businesses located within rural areas, basements, or other obstacles may necessitate a cellular booster. 

We employ only the most reliable brands to ensure a long deployment cycle with all carriers (Verizon, AT&T, etc) including 4G and 5G systems. Schedule a discovery call today to see if your site qualifies.

Have you had enough with outdated equipment?

Does your outdated equipment need to be replaced due to age, performance issues, or a new software implementation? We work hand-in-hand with manufacturers to get the best pricing on bulk purchases to create a cost effective refresh. Although a large focus is on cost, an even greater concern is planning to ensure a seamless transition. 

We have done it a time or two before!

With over 700+ clients and decades of collective experience, we have generally seen it before. Why reinvent the wheel, and waste countless hours figuring it out the hard way.  

With consulting services, you can leverage our in-depth planning and experience to provide a sound solution or development plan for your next upgrade or project. 

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