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Ticket Tips!

Check Resources

Magoo provides historical documentation of services and resolution to assist you with future issues.

Gather Information

In order to assist you with an issue, please gather all pertinent information.

  • Time the error/ issue occured
  • Frequency of the error/ issue
  • Users effected by the error/ issue
  • Recent changes; configuration, installation, or other(s)access

Take Screen Shots

Screen shots of errors and warnings can greatly assist your technician in diagnosing and quickly remediating your issue.

Windows provides an easy tool call Snipping Tool. You can easily find the tool by typing “snipp” in your search bar. You can then take screen shots and save the files for submission. 

Submit Your Request

You may submit your support request by the form provided on this page. Please be descriptive, and include images and a detailed description of your error/ issue.

Please include a good callback number. You should receive a response within 24 working hours. if you have not received a response, your email service may be blocking our correspondence.

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