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Business Ransomware Protection

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Magoo Referral Program
  • Who would be a good referral?
    • Any business experiencing technology issues; or a business that could use technology assistance.
    • The provided contact must be in a position to authorize services.
  • How do I know who to refer?
    • You can refer others that may be in the same industry, professional organization, or within a shared group.
    • You can also refer your clients, vendors, relatives or friends with the confidence they will be treated properly. 
  • How do I get you their information?
    • Simply complete our referral form. There are two steps; (1) your information, (2) the information for the person/ organization you are referring. 
    • Referrals must be submitted through our referral form to be eligible for a gift card(s).
  • I would prefer to stay anonymous.
    • We will need your information to send the gift card, but we do not need to disclose who referred us to their organization.
  • How much do I get for the referral?
    • All referrals for an organization are eligible.
    • The client must accept our solution proposal.
    • Both Managed Service and Co-Managed services will produce a gift card from $100-$1,000.
    • Other services accepted will produce the minimum of $100 gift card.
    • There is no annual cap for our referral program. 
  • How can I ensure they accept the proposal and I get my gift card?
    • Speak with your referral regarding your experience, or other’s experience with Magoo.
    • Directly introduce Magoo to your friend or colleague.
    • Provide as much detail as possible to our solution engineer about your friend or colleague’s issue.  
I would like a needs assessment.
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Excellent! Please rate us 5 Stars
...and leave a helpful review.
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