Digital Forensics & EDiscovery Services

What is Digital Forensics & EDiscovery

Digital Forensics / EDiscovery is commonly employed by Law Enforcement, legal professionals, and corporations to gain a deeper understanding of the activities, psychological, and motivations of an individual by analyzing the data stored on computing systems.The process utilizes highly trained professionals with in-depth knowledge of computer systems, storage, and electronic communications to be analyzed and properly presented within a court of law.

Digital storage is volatile and easily modified and/ or destroyed. Powering devices on or off destroys volatile memory (RAM), and modifies system files that are gone forever. The fleeting nature of digital storage coupled by the thousands of hardware devices, makes digital forensics a unique process. Magoo & Associates utilizes advanced training, tools, and complex processes to carefully analyze digital devices. If required, our experts will provide courteroom testimony, and graphic reproduction for trial proceedings.

Capabilities Overview

Computer Forensics

Computer analysis of hardware, software files, and other artifacts to understand the activities of an individual using or accessing the device.

Mobile Forensics

Analysis of mobile devices hardware and software components. A mobile forensic analysis can show location, communications, images, files, and more.

Memory Forensics

Any storage device can be a source of digital evidence. Regardless of the device's condition, our technicians can analyze the device and report on the contents and origin of the data.

Data Recovery

Data recovery from memory or computing devices, raid configurations, and thumb drives regardless of physical condition.

Cloud Forensics

Most applications today utilize hybrid storage. Much of the evidence is stored both locally on the device, and within cloud storage server.


Corporate environments thrive with electronic communications. Our EDIscovery process identifies communications in preparation for litigation or analysis.

Digital Forensics & EDIscovery Uses

Employee Misconduct

Data theft, misuse, and abuse provide significant losses to corporations. Magoo can recreate and analyze employee use and misconduct.

Criminal Investigations

Digital devices are common tools for illegal conduct. Magoo assists law enforcement by identifying and collecting these artifacts.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance provides a significant liability in the event of audit or breach. Magoo assists with compliance by assessing computing devices.

Legal Proceedings

Trial processes demand relevant and reliable information. Magoo assists in the analysis and presentation of digital evidence for trial.

General Questions & Answers

Each case is unique, and as such, every answer will be different. If you are posed with a situation where you are asking this particular question, you may want to consult with an expert. We frequently see cases that are referred by law enforcement, attorneys, or business clients. Although these are frequent cases, their may be additional clients or needs. DFEDS can be used by:

  • Law Enforcement or Criminal Prosecutors
  • Defense attorneys, or litigation teams
  • Regulatory compliance officers
  • Corporate security, or cyber defense teams
  • Businesses or individuals requiring data recovery services

Clients are encouraged to speak with one of our representatives. If a client is per-approved, a curriculum vita will be provided annotating your technicians qualifications, training, and experience.

Digital evidence is extremely volatile. Generally speaking, any interaction with the device can cause loss of potentially valuable data. Please consider the following steps (recommendations change based on the device):

  • Contact a digital forensics professional
  • Computer Devices
    • If possible, please leave your device in a running state. If you must shutdown the device, pull the power cord from the wall, or remove the battery.
    • Do not allow others to touch or modify the device. Just powering on a device changes copious amounts of files.
    • Do not allow others to enter the adjacent area of the device. Depending on the circumstances, additional information, storage device, and notes may be relevant to the process.
  • Cellular Devices
    • If the device is on, please ensure the device cannot communicate. This can be done by removing SIM card (Carrier dependent) or placing the mobile device in a Faraday bag.
    • Contact a mobile device forensic professional as soon as possible.

Charges are dependent on the device(s), scope, and the organization. Potential partners are requested to contact our staff for an estimate.

We can extract and analyze data on over 2,500 mobile devices. Each device and analysis is different based on the required information (physical or logical) needing to be acquired. When contacting our staff, please provide the make and model of the device. In most cases we can acquire:

  • Mobile Device Data
    • Phone calls, contacts, text messages & multimedia messages.
    • Pictures, videos, voicemail, and audio.
    • Phone email and chat analysis
    • Social media and cloud account profiles/ communications.
    • Physical memory (HEX) dump.
    • More

Magoo & Associates specializes in technology, data recovery, and forensic services. Although our members may have law enforcement and high technology crimes backgrounds, we do not provide investigative services. If information is obtained through our DFED Services, we will work with our investigative partners or organization of your choosing.

Magoo & Associates is a mandated reporter for certain offenses as required by state law. All other information is maintained by non-disclosure agreements, and will not be released without proper legal request (Warrant or Subpoena) by a court of competent jurisdiction. In most cases, our clients will be notified prior to the release of any data to provide time for legal process. As a technology provider, Magoo & Associates and their customer information may fall under protections offered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

Regardless of the device, data is generally accessed and stored based on typical computing principles. Each device is unique, so consultation prior to analysis would provide your best answer. Consultation for a-typical devices is free. You may contact us at 217-318-3084.

Typical Analysis Supported:

  • Mobile & Cellular Devices
  • Some GPS and Navigation Devices
  • Most Common Storage Media (HDD, SSD, NAND, FLASH)
  • Camera Storage Devices
  • Some Drone Devices
  • Call Data Records (PCMD, RTT, +)

Magoo & Associates DFEDS services are offered to partnering organizations. Our services are frequently used by Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, Corporate Security, and Cyber Defense Teams. Magoo & Associates DFEDS Services are not widely open to the public. Please contact our experts to determine if you qualify for any of our service programs.

Magoo & Associates DFEDS is not an investigative service. Our DFESD provide data interpretation, discovery, and analysis through industry best practices and proprietary tools and techniques. Investigative services and custody exchanges are handled by our licensed investigative service partners. Any investigative services should be sought through their individual organization.