Video Surveillance Systems

HD video security & surveillance

High Definition Only!

Magoo & Associates only uses High-Definition IP-POE based surveillance equipment. IP-POE based systems provide the most reliable 1080P – 4K compressed video feeds with the most reliable connectivity for close and remote deployment. Each camera is provided both data and power over one ethernet cable to ensure a clean and reliable High – Definition system that is expandable to meet your future needs.

HD Camera Selection

Magoo maintains over 1,400 independent camera and custom NVR systems to build you the best video surveillance system to meet your needs. All cameras are IP/POE providing High-Definition video and audio to exceed industry standards. Our line of specialty cameras include 180-260 degree panoramic, thermal, and fisheye cameras to ensure every requirement is thoroughly met. 

Fixed Angle Camera
Pan Tilt Zoom Camera
Bullet Cameras
Dome/ Specialty Cameras

Network Video Recorder (NVR)

Your High-Definition video feed is securly processed and recorded on a NVR (Netowrk Video Recorder). NVR’s receive their compressed video feed from the recording device, and securly processes and archives the video for quick reference and retrieval. Advanced NVR features allow motion only recording, allowing you to quickly review video, receive motion alerts, and decrease storage usage.

Access From any Device

Your surveillance system can be controlled and viewed from virtually any device by securely accessing your NVR from anywhere, with no monthly fees. During the installation process, your technician will program your network for functionality, and demonstrate your application on your device. If elected, you can receive alerts, motion activation alerts, control your camera features, and even view your live video.

Professional Installation

Surveillance systems can range from complex commercial, farm & Industrial, and residential applications. Our trained staff provides professional design, installation, and remote/ on-site support to ensure a reliable and cost effective solution. Our professional installation service ensures that there is no exposed wiring, weather tight installation, and vandal resistant devices where needed.

During the installation process, users will be taught how to operate their new system, and will receive a comprehensive device listing for care free warranty support. All installation details are meticulously maintained, and each camera is listed for quick and easy service and support.

As network professionals, our IP/POE systems provide the highest reliability, low overhead cost, and seamless integration with other technology equipment on your network. All this coupled with the industry’s best installation warranty, proves that we are your technology solution provider..

Surveillance System Design & Proposal

Contact our professionals for a custom surveillance system design & proposal. This no-hassle process ensures you receive the best surveillance system for your needs, appropriate storage,  and NO MONTHLY FEES. Simply complete the below form.