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Our Leadership

Leadership - John Maguire

John Maguire

Currently serves as a Solution Engineer and vCIO for our partners.  John has over 20 years of experience within the government sector serving in paramedical services, military, law enforcement, and adjunct professor.  He has attained a graduate degree and numerous certificates for cyber crimes and digital forensics/ cellular forensics. Currently he oversees operations and service delivery for our partners.

Tristan Myers

Currently serves as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Tristan has extensive military and government experience in cyber security. He is currently completing his second cyber security related graduate course with countless awards and cyber competition victories. Currently he oversees all security operations serving as vCISO for our partners.

Leadership - Tristan Myers

Our Team

You gain a dedicated account team, who knows you and your business personally…

Leadership - Landon Maguire

Landon Maguire

Service Manager
Senior Engineer

Cyrus Tribby

Account Manager

Curt Campbell

Account Manager

Brandon Lampe

Technician II

Ethan Leake


Cody Sharp

Service Automation

Aaron Emmerich

Field Technician

Eric Florey

Eric Florey

Field Technician

Desiree Pagel



In today’s climate, companies need more than one IT person to support their operation. Like physicians, there are specialties within I.T. Each employee is encouraged to follow their passion, emphasizing diversity in our services.

Field technicians specialize on on-site service delivery, installation, and network construction/ cabling. They bring both technical and mechanical skills to your business.

In today’s technology climate, every business has protected data, and subject to cyber attacks. Each partner has baseline security service to tackle the majority of threats frequently seen. Our CISO ensures appropriate protection for our partners based on their business.

Our team prides themselves on rapid response to your needs. Due to this, our average wait time for a technician is less than 12 seconds!

Magoo supports 24/7 businesses, ambulance services, law enforcement, and 911 centers. We pride ourselves on maintaining 24/7 services, in house, for our managed partners.

How fast can you get help?

We are hyper responsive to your needs. When your company relies on technology, you can’t wait hours or days for a response from your IT department. Our partners can expect a technician to answer the phone within 12 seconds of their call.

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