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Physical Security Solutions

Decrease liability and theft with physical security controls for your home, farm, or office.

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Request a free security consultation and protection blueprint to better secure your home or office. Use code [Cory2024] for this $300 offer, and additional 10% off your installation.

Protection From

Physical security is vastly different from ten years ago. Today, physical security defends against traditional theft and lawsuits, but also includes cyber attacks, employee misconduct, and much more. 

Businesses are responsible for providing a duty of care for bother customers and employees in additional to compliance regulations in protecting records, documents, and critical infrastructure. Physical security ensures you control, document, and record physical access.

Advanced Video Features

Recording activity is great, but proactively gathering intelligence and prevention is paramount. Our advanced video solutions integrate artificial intelligence in tracking, documenting, alerting, and active deterrence 24/7.

The days of watching countless hours of security video is over. Now, active surveillance documents traffic, vehicle registrations, safety compliance, sales metrics, and so much more. With active deterrence, individuals can be tracked and actively warned about accessing areas with audio and visual deterrence. Quit recording video, and start securing physical locations.

Advanced Access Controls

Access control allows you to restrict and monitor access to rooms or facilities based on pre-defined users, groups, and policies. Access control systems are safer than key entry as multiple forms of authentication can be provided while never sweating lost keys again.

Advanced controls allow you to remotely inspect who is at the door and allow temporary access to individuals and deliveries conveniently from your office, or on vacation. In combination with advanced video, doors can be unlocked from your central monitoring station.

-Our Service Makes The Difference -

Hardware Warranty

We work with many venders and brands. Hardware warranty is based on the products and features you request and come with one to three year hardware warranty’s.

Service Warranty

We take great pride in the professionalism and quality of installation work we provide. We provide 12 months of service and support of your new system to ensure no additional labor cost as you are becoming accustom to your physical security system.

We provide both service and support after the sale. We understand that there are varying needs of our partners, so we provide varying levels of service and support to fit those needs. 

Although many providers resell services offered by large corporations, Magoo provides end-to-end service, ensuring our partners success.

Physical security is a combination of controls to decrease loss for you or your business. In pursuit of this, physical security can be a combination of:

  • Manual security controls such as locks, fencing, or other analogue devices.
  • Basic or advanced surveillance technology with remote alerts, active detection, or deterrence.
  • Access control systems that allow authorized personnel into restricted areas, log access, and prevent access based on times or other policies.

In conjunction with policies, the combination of these multiple controls become your physical security system.

You must schedule your consultation with one of our physical security professionals. They will meet with you at your property and discuss your concerns, and review your property with you. From there, they will design a physical security system that provides proper controls for you or your business. They will design a blueprint, and propose your plan and pricing options for consideration. 

Magoo is vender agnostic, allowing the right combination of products and services to support you and your business needs.

We do prefer certain supported industry standards allowing you maximum flexibility as your system ages, allowing smaller replacement costs as opposed to costly system upgrades. 

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Contact us to learn more about our physical security systems and the benefits they can provide to you and your business. Combined with our I.T. and Cyber Security solutions, we provide a complete service line to protect you from modern threats both inside and outside the office.


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