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Forged from local and state government, we know the unique needs of your agency and have the tools and experience to exceed them.

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Why Choose Us


We work with other state and local agencies, building partnerships, contacts, and tools for your success.


State and federal mandates are constantly changing. We help by keeping your organization ahead of legislation.


All technicians undergo stringent background and compliance requirements for government access.


We secure people, processes, and data to maximize compliance with IT audits and assessments.

Government Testimonials

"Magoo truly cares about their clients and providing the best service possible. I get to speak directly with a technician immediately and have a fast resolution to my issue. "
Amy V. - Village Clerk
"Since moving to Magoo, our cyber security and reliability has doubled and will continue to improve due to their focus on these two characteristics."
Jennifer B - 911 Coordinator
"The biggest benefit to switching to Magoo & Associates is their level of understanding and knowledge within our sector, which includes going above and beyond staying at the forefront of legislative mandates "
MJ - 911 Coordinator
"Without a doubt, Magoo has exceeded our expectations. They are knowledgeable, and highly responsive to our needs. If you are in need of an IT service, you should try them first. "
Steve M. - Village Clerk
local government

About Us

Magoo specializes in government managed and co-managed services, leveraging a combined forty years of experience. Our experience coupled with our current government partners ensures your agency the most comprehensive and updated list of requirements and skills to meet your agency needs.

I.T. Needs

As an IT service company, we seek to understand how our partners use technology, and industry requirements to protect them. We know government, because we support them, and we came from government employment. With over 35+ combined years of military, emergency services, law enforcement, and State/Federal experience.

  • 35+ Years Government Experience
  • 300+ Government Partners
  • Prior Law Enforcement & DOD Experience
  • Advanced Cyber Security / DFIR

Cyber threats exist regardless of your agency size and budget. Research has shown that smaller government entities still have a higher rate of data breaches than larger counter parts (DBIR, 2023 p. 50) Despite fewer resources, the need to secure information systems and data is paramount. Magoo supports our government partners needs including security audits, assessments, and 24/7 cyber security operations.

We are all too familiar with fluid mandates and requirements placed by state and federal agencies. As a government focused IT service provider, Magoo stays ahead of mandates to ensure compliance requirements are met or exceeded.

  • Criminal Justice Information Service
  • Information Security Improvement Act
  • Freedom of Information Act


All technicians are CJIS Compliant

The needs of your government agency is unique. You may have dedicated skilled staff that require occasional assistance from time-to time, or a new team that requires some oversight and engineer support. Regardless of the unique needs of your agency, Magoo can assist by filling the gap when needed.

Each support plan is created based on your unique needs. Simply contact a solution engineer to discuss your needs, and we can show you the path to fulfillment.

Small City’s and Villages typically face the same requirements as their larger counter parts, with less fiscal resources. Magoo provides fully managed IT services to these entities to ensure their needs are met 24×7, including 911 center PSAP’s. Each entity is assigned a dedicated team to meet their daily IT needs, while assisting with asset management, budgeting, and audits.

We are familiar with government budgeting and procurement requirements. All quotations include manufacturer sku’s to assist in comparable quotes, and even assist in the process.

We work with all our partners to provide budget and project planning throughout the fiscal year, and budget preparation based on quantifiable asset data and industry trends.


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