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Community & Giving

Magoo is invested in the success of our partners and their communities. Our community and giving partnership allows Magoo to apply funds and resources back into our partner’s communities in support of their favorite non-profit/ community organizations. 

How it all works...

Current partners may submit referral request to Magoo for evaluation. If the request meets our global initiative for the year, we will provide financial or other services in support of that organization’s mission.

Donations are provided on a one-time, monthly, or annual basis in support of the community through that organization. 

Utilizing this method, we prioritize our community & giving initiative to support communities that our partners serve. 

Supported Organizations

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  • Any non-profit organization 
  • 100% of the funds are directly applied to program(s) within your community

The organization is not required to be non-profit. They do require a community program with a direct impact on your direct community. Funds must be applied to programs that directly link back to your community and a needed service to support them.

  • Simply complete our referral form. There are two steps; (1) your information, (2) the information for the person/ organization you are referring.
  • Referrals must be submitted through our referral form to be eligible for support.

We will need your information to validate current client status, and to process the referral. We do not need to mention your name to the organization representative, so you may stay anonymous with them.

You may speak with your organization representative to confirm that we have provided support to their organization or mission. In most cases, we remain anonymous as marketing is not a key with this initiative. You may also see a posting on this page when supported by Magoo’s initiative.


Our partners (clients) reside in multiple communities. Our community and giving program is to directly benefit their community they support. It is our method of re-investing in communities where we may not have a physical presence 24/7.

Magoo purchases goods from your community when providing services to you, including:

  • Fuel 
  • Materials
    • Construction, Vehicles, tools, etc
  • Food
  • Services
    • Structural & Manufacturing

To get started, just complete the form

Do you have an organization in your community that could use assistance in supporting their mission? After speaking with them and their needs, please complete the form to support your community program.

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