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In todays economy flexibility, agility, and cost efficiency are primary considerations when selecting a phone service. We deliver this flexibility by providing on-premises, hybrid, and cloud platforms that provides quality communications with the flexibility your company needs.

Traditional telecommunication companies provide inflexible services that lock your service to a physical location with slow support and advancements, leaving you stuck with long contracts. Not Magoo! Our service is streamlined, with professional onsite and remote support. 

Unchained Communications

Connecting with your clients isn’t the way it once was. Today, people want choices in communicating with businesses. Forbes research provides that 90% of people prefer text messages over phone calls. Are you equipped to communicate with your clients the way they want to?

Unified communications ensures that you can maintain constant connection with your clients, the way they want to. 

Complete Flexibility

Let’s face it, you go wherever work takes you. You should demand the same from your phone system. Our telephone service allows you the flexibility to use traditional phones, computer, and mobile application without skipping a beat. Clear and reliable communications despite the platform and location.

Our mobile application allows you to take advantage of all the convenient features of the office while on the go. Make and receive phone calls, transfers, chat, and text messages from your business number.

Easily retain your clients as all business communications remain within your business phone system, preventing employees from using personal cellphone numbers and walking away with your clients.

Unlimited Fax Options

Most businesses still rely on fax service despite complete incompatibility with most modern systems. Not Anymore! Modern fax systems allow you to integrate this technology with other systems while increasing employee efficiency.

We provide our partners the ability to send and receive fax’s by traditional fax machines, fax through email, browser based fax, and print to fax. This allows you the flexibility to decrease paper consumption while sending fax’s from platforms you currently use today.

Need something custom? Our platform is built with API integrations to further integrate with your software.

- Cost Comparison -

Traditional Carrier

Monthly Fee: $700.00

Global Provider

Monthly Fee: $450.00

Regional Provider (Magoo)

Monthly Fee: $150.00

Estimates based on 10 phones, 10 concurrent calls, and  13 core features.

-Our Service Makes The Difference -

Magoo does not resell phone service like RingCentral, 8×8, or Zultys. 

Magoo is a FCC registered telecommunications provider. Since communications are always reliant on interconnectivity, we do partner with 3rd parties to ensure consistent and reliable telephone service. 

Unlike resellers, the “last mile” is completely our responsibility and is handled by one of our Indiana and Illinois branch offices. Providing you responsive service both remote and onsite.

If you experience issues with your phone service, contact us by an approved channel. This includes:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Text Message
  • Website Chat
  • Support Portal Request


Our technicians are available 24/7 to assist you.  Our average time-to-technician is 12 seconds.

Read the fine print on your existing provider!

Most companies advertise unlimited voice minutes, but have “fair use” provisions that limit what unlimited actually means. 

Each voice trunk or 10 digit phone number includes 2,000 minutes monthly (that’s 100 minutes a work day). After the allowed 2,000 minutes, you are billed for interstate/ intrastate minutes. Although rates can be complex, toll charges are generally a fraction of a cent per minute. Contact an account manager for detailed toll rates.

Minutes are limited as we deliver UNLIMITED call paths. This means you can have unlimited calls going at once. This way you NEVER miss a client call.

We take great pride in providing the best telephone solution for your business. To this end, an account manager will meet with you and discuss your business needs. Based on those needs, we will build a custom service plan with a white-glove onboarding plan.

We have numerous PBX systems and options based on your needs assessment. This ensures the right product, features, support, and redundancy you need.

Remote, Telework, & Hybrid Work

Increase employee satisfaction and retention by providing a phone system capable of telework and hybrid work. Forbes research provides 98% of workers expressed desire to work remote/ hybrid with 22% of the workforce working remotely by 2025. Research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a staggering 37.9% of advanced degree holders work remotely.

Our telephone service provides clear communications regardless of your employee’s location. Some of our partners have overseas companies handling aspects of their business with the same flexibility as stateside staff without high-rate charges.

Our telephone service was created for interoperability. To this end, we service large manufacturing, medical, and government organizations with unique interoperability requirements.

Our team can build out your solution with access control, paging, intercom, 3rd party integrations, and much more.

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Contact us to discuss your business and telecommunications needs. We will discuss the unique needs of your business and how we can provide you a more reliable and feature rich system while decreasing your traditional phone bill.


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